Air conditioners / AC Components.

A vast range of Room Air Conditioning in-house manufacturing a variety of parts for split and window air conditioning 

Heat exchanger 

3 fin presses with 7 mm dia synchronised with expanders and hairpin benders each line having a capacity of 100 nos per hour.

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Sheet metal  

Equipped with 200+ imported presses having high yield and safety features.

Press Tonnage starts from 10 Tons till 500 Tons. 

Make: Sangyong, Yangli


Plastic Moudling

Equipped with 20+ imported injection moulding machines having high yield and safety features.


Capacity: 80 Tons till 500 Tons.  

Make: Haitian

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Copper Tubing

Chip less CNC machines for bending, cutting, flaring, and the various operation performed on Cu tubes with testing equipment.

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